TerrorBits: Build Season Week 4 Update

Wow, we’re done with Week 4 already! If we had to summarize our last week in one exclamatory sentence it would be: Green paint everywhere! That usually means we’ve been working hard.

The green paint dries…

Fabrication has been working first and foremost on building the robot chassis and subsystems. The chassis base plate has been installed, which will allow the controls system to be installed. Our climber parts have been welded, and that structure is ready to be mounted. The metal structure of the shooter has been installed, and the gear manipulator is currently being assembled. Fabrication also mounted the gear manipulator prototype on the prototype bot. Excitingly, we have hatched a plan for improved bumpers, which could speed up change times significantly.

Design has finalized all the onboard pneumatics and cylinders, and made some changes to the gear intake geometry, to make it easier for us to manufacture. Design is now focusing most on providing important technical drawings, to be used by Fabrication.

Now that robot code testing has been completed, programming has moved on to developing PID control for many of our motors. PID is basically a math formula where we can put sensor input, and get out feedback to control the motors. It makes controlling the robot much more precise and intelligent.

Debugging the PID with an old oscilloscope!

Controls has finalized the electrical system layout, and order a few more parts in preparation for installation. As always, they also crimped a lot of wires.

We’ve ordered our team T-Shirts, which will feature our new steampunked logo, and our sponsors. The logo started as a joke, when one of our team captains sketched up a very dapper TerrorByte with a hat and monocle surrounded by a gear. When FIRST STEAMWORKS was released, we realized it would look cool on our shirts. They should be arriving soon! We also received an absolutely huge flag, for waving on the field, we hand sewed our a brand new banner to display while we’re playing on the field. They both look great!

Big ol’ flag!

The banner and its creator.

Well, that’s all for this week. Until next time, use your best judgment!