Blog 1.0 Reboot

Hello all,

We, the TerrorBytes, are happy to share the first official post of our blog in a very long time. Alongside the inauguration of this blog, we would like to share a number of recent events and accomplishments.

Over the course of the last month, we selected sixteen new students to join the ranks of our team out of a massive pool of sixty talented students. We look forward to integrating these new recruits into the folds of our team and will dutifully commit much of our time in the coming weeks to this process. 

After months of planning and labor, we have also completed our off-season robot, Tempest 2.0 (the picture on the bottom left). This new robot deviates mainly from the old design in that it utilizes swerve-drive, enabling omnidirectional movement which will allow us to complete the tasks of Rapid React with speed and efficiency. We will have a chance to test Tempest 2.0’s skills at the upcoming Thundering Horde of Robots and Doyenne competitions this weekend. 

However, there’s no way we are letting Tempest 1.0 get rusty! We got a chance to show it off at a farmer’s market event last weekend in front of a crowd that totaled 384 people. The entire event was organized by our wonderful TerrorParent Lynne Privette. 

Thank you for tuning in!

Tyler Enenmoh and Davis Turner