Rumble in the Roads and MiniFRC Kickoff

Hello all,

Our third blog post has finally been released! We have a lot to cover in this blog post, such as our Rumble in the Roads competition and the beginning of Mini FRC. 

On November 5th, the TerrorBytes competed in the Rumble in the Roads competition in Newport News Virginia. Our two robots, Backorder and Tempest, both competed in the same alliance during the elimination bracket, but unfortunately we ended up losing. Regardless, Rumble in the Roads was an amazing experience and it made us more excited for our upcoming competitions.

Our kickoff for MiniFRC started on Thursday, November 10th. We had an amazing turnout, and our participants split up into teams. We started collecting our robot parts and making some prototypes, and we’re excited to get together again!

Thank you for tuning in!

Tyler Enenmoh and Davis Turner