FNC Asheville District Competition

From March 3-5, 2023, the TerrorBytes competed in the FIRST NC Asheville District Competition held at UNC Asheville! 

The TerrorBytes placed 2nd by the end of the qualification matches, making us an alliance captain. Joined with alliance members the OmegaBytes (team 5727), Mechanical Minds (team 6639), and RobCoBots (team 6729), we made it all the way to semifinals. 

In addition to fine-tuning the robot, team members were hard at work over the past few weeks maintaining and organizing outreach, preparing our presentation visual, and practicing, practicing, practicing. All of these efforts clearly paid off, as we won the FIRST Impact Award (formerly known as Chairman’s), guaranteeing us a spot at the state competition held at East Carolina University. 

As for what’s happening after week 1 of competition? We’re continuing to improve both the robot and presentation of awards such as Impact and Engineering Inspiration for the Wake County District Event, as well as states. 

Until next time,

Business Manager