About our batteries

Our team currently has nine batteries, all of which are named after famous men in science. While these are definitely great men who did great things (Edison, Newton, Ohm, Faraday, etc.), we realized that we were neglecting a huge population… whose contributions have been neglected a lot. 

Women have always been scientists, engineers, inventors and mathematicians. But until recently their achievements were less likely to be recognized, rewarded, and celebrated compared to those of their male peers. We’re trying to shine a light on this historical injustice by putting women front and center… on our robot.

Ada Lovelace

With the addition of four new batteries, we had an opportunity to highlight influential women in STEM. We have decided on the first four names:

We know this isn’t enough to balance the scales. But we believe small actions matter. When we show kids our robots to teach them about STEM, now we can also show that women are part of the story.