We are super eager to welcome new members, both students, and mentors. To learn more, email  Here’s the formal process to join the team:

New student members

To officially join, a student just needs:

  1. Sign up at
    • Get the latest updates
    • Meeting Access
  2. Attend our Interest Meetings
    • Our first meeting is: Thursday, August 26 at 5:00 pm in Room 66 
    • Tuesday, August 31 at 5:00 pm in Room 66
    • Tuesday, September 7 at 5:00 pm in Room 66
  3. Complete Micro-Homeworks
    • Details about Micro-Homeworks is discussed in meetings
  4. Complete Interview Process
    • More info will come out soon

New mentors

If you’d like to help mentor the TerrorBytes, you’ll just need to submit a volunteer information form and agree to a background check.  Email to learn more.