MiniFRC 9: Charged up (2023)



What is MiniFRC?

MiniFRC is a quarter-scale FRC competition hosted by FRC Team 4561, the TerrorBytes. The inaugural MiniFRC competition was held on June 4th, 2016, when 16 teams played in MiniFRC: Stronghold. Since then we have usually held a MiniFRC competition at least once a year.

MiniFRC 9: Charged Up

MiniFRC is back! TerrorBytes Robotics is proud to host MiniFRC 9 2023, in which participants can throw together a robot for as low as $30 (available for $10 at our in-person kickoff event) and compete with other teams across NC on a miniature version of the Charged Up field from this years FRC game. This year’s competition is supported by RTP’s own Alfredo Systems and will be held on July 1st, 2023.

Registration is not open but if you want to be updated click this here! 


Who is eligible?

All ages are welcome! Teams of up to 5 members can participate. Solo teams are allowed but may need to buddy up for help during the competition (recommended team size is 2 – 4).


What is the timeline?

Join us for a live kickoff on June 17, 2023  from 2 – 4 pm. At kickoff we will release the manual, the field CAD, and other important info about the competition and game. Kickoff location: TBD

July 1st – MiniFRC 9 competition day! 8:30am-6pm @ TBD  

Need help, have questions, or just want to stay in the know about this and future MiniFRC events? Join the MiniFRC Discord server.