After a stellar season, TerrorBytes are excited to announce that we qualified for the FIRST Championships in Houston, TX, from April 19 – 22. That’s not very far away!

Most people don’t realize that the most expensive thing about being on a robotics team is the travel costs. Our students have incurred costs for three competition weekends so far, and now we’re facing a week’s travel to Houston. The more money we raise, the more of our students we can help out with costs.

The FIRST World Championships is one of the most amazing STEM educations a student can have. It’s not just about competing against teams from around the globe, it’s about seeing innovative solutions to problems our team has been trying to solve all season, sharing experiences, and making memories that will last a lifetime. We are grateful for every chance we get to participate, and never take it for granted.

Please consider donating to our GoFundMe!

Building Better People


Founded in 2012, TerrorBytes Robotics (FRC Team 4561) are a group of students based in Research Triangle High School and the RTP. As a partner of FIRST, we participate in yearly FRC competitions while also striving to build better people and spread STEM throughout our community. 

In 2022, TerrorBytes had a hugely successful season returning from the COVID-induced hiatus. We won our first district event at ECU as team captain, we made it to semi-finals in our other district event at Guilford and at state championships at Campbell, and we qualified for Worlds in Houston, where we were the most highly seeded NC team and competed in the quarter-finals. We also won several prestigious awards: Engineering Inspiration at the ECU district event and state championships, and Judges Award at the Guilford district event. Here’s a video of our season in review.