About Us

The TerrorBytes (FRC Team 4561), based out of Research Triangle High School in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, believe in building better people through the introduction and cultivation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) within our team. We are a motivated group of high schoolers that strive to build, innovate, design, and inspire others to reach greater heights in STEM.

Every year, we compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition in North Carolina. In addition to competing, we mentor and aid other teams, host community outreaches for schools and businesses, and host STEM-related events at our school. Our goal is to provide an inclusive environment for students to grow, learn, and achieve through the excitement of competitive robotics. The robot that we build every year is a byproduct of our efforts to build better people. The only requirements for aspiring students to join our team are a genuine interest in the robotics program, a desire to explore and learn, and the will to work. We aim to inspire a love of learning through a competitive game and season that encompasses all the components of the engineering process. This approach to building the team results in a far deeper experience in problem-solving, critical thinking, conflict management, and business development.

The TerrorBytes’ vision aligns with that of FIRST North Carolina. FIRST NC has a strong track record of providing support and resources to schools across the state, such as helping mentors to learn skills that they can transfer to students. Schools and universities in the area work with FIRST NC to host competitions that benefit all of the teams. The vision of FIRST NC, and indeed FIRST, is simple: to provide opportunities for everyone to learn and grow.

All of our actions coexist with our vision of promoting and encouraging STEM in our community. Our key founding values are all a result of STEM encouragement. Building the community is something we strive to do because without them, we simply would not exist. The ability to improve as a team and to inspire others in our community benefits everyone. Curating hands-on events and organizing networking opportunities have resulted in numerous new relationships that have benefited the TerrorBytes. Our vision is outlined by giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn. We don’t just build robots—we build and support young, passionate students to improve their present selves and create their futures.

Follow the latest progress on our TerrorBlog. Read about our earllier seasons here.

Most Recent Season: “Charged Up” 2023

In 2022, TerrorBytes had a hugely successful season returning from the COVID-induced hiatus. We won our first district event at ECU as team captain, we made it to semi-finals in our other district event at Guilford and at state championships at Campbell, and we qualified for Worlds in Houston, where we were the most highly seeded NC team and competed in the quarter-finals. We also won several prestigious awards: Engineering Inspiration at the ECU district event and state championships, and Judges Award at the Guilford district event. Here’s a video of our season in review.

Interested in applying to our team?

Our rookie application season starts in August. Check back here for details.