MiniFRC is a quarter-scaled version of the current year’s FRC game with Arduino robots. In this competition, teams build and program a mini-robot in 2 weeks. This program not only helps maintain the spirit of competition but also lets team members fine-tune their prototyping, building, and programming skills during the off-season.


MiniFRC: Special Edition

During the summer of 2022, we expanded and modifying our MiniFRC program for youth with disabilities, middle school, and high school students in our community. MiniFRC: Special Edition is a 3-day event where each student was paired with a volunteer to build, program, and compete with their own MiniFRC Arduino based robot. This Audrino based workshop is a great way for students to explore STEM and have fun over the summer!

Upcoming Events:

Mark your calendars! Our next MiniFRC event will occur on July 1, 2023. Registration opens in May, and kickoff will occur in early June. 

In conjunction with MiniFRC, we are also holding a summer-camp version of MiniFRC: SE from June 22-June 24, 2023

Interested in more information? Sign up here! 

We are also holding a MiniFRC event late summer/early fall of 2023, and are hoping to partner with a local organization or school to host this event. Stay tuned for details!

All dates are tentative.