The Bulletin Board

What’s this page?

This page is a bulletin board for team members to keep all the critical info we send via email. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE – you can always come here to get a reference on what’s up — it is NOT linked from the main page, because it contains our private plans. If you have questions, email a mentor.



Head mentors:

Mentors by sub-team:


  • Shane Trent (
  • Braeden Mathieson []
  • Aysha Asmeth []


  • Heather Frederick ( 
  • Teesh Shahi (
  • Jackie Mone (
  • Will Clark (
  • JoAnne Amazan []


  • Manbir Guron []
  • Deepak Mahadevan (
  • Kamal Saheta (
  • Jai Mathur (]
  • Teesh Shahi (



  • Casey Privette []
  • Erik Frederick ( 
  • Jean Amazan []


  • Grace Burke ( (helps SWAG)

Team Calendar


Team Administration

Every year, all students (including veterans, unless noted) must have their parents complete the following forms:

(Questions? Ask Teesh Shahi or Heather Frederick]

    • TerrorBytes PERMISSION FORM: ALL members need to turn in the parent permission form each year. It’s easy: (1) follow this link, (2) have your parents fill in your name and their contact info, (3) submit!
      OR (not preferred): print this PDF, (2) have parents sign, (3) bring it to the next meeting!


    • MEMBER REGISTRATION: New members, We need this brief survey done ASAP. It’s easy: (1) click, (2) write stuff, (3) submit!


  • FIRST Consent completed: ALL members (two options)
    1. Online instructions found here.
    2. OR turn in this form to mentors. (Not preferred)
  • FIRST NC Consent completed: ALL members (two options)
    1. AFTER you have completed the FIRST Consent above and have selected our team (4561), this form will be found in the same location.  This form is much simpler to fill out.
    2. OR turn in this form to mentors. (Not preferred)

Also, the permission form says “I have read and reviewed the general requirements for high school Robotics participation and I have discussed these requirements with my student-engineer” – The material in question is the 2023-2024 Student Handbook, which is here. ROOKIES must read, sign, and hand in the last page. Veterans must review annually!

These forms are REQUIRED if you want to remain on the team! If you are unsure what you have completed, you can check your status in the spreadsheet “Documents Forms & Attendance” on the FileBox

Business Visits and Sponsorships Information

(Questions? Ask a business mentor.) Every student has been assigned at least one business that they must give an in-person presentation to, requesting sponsorship. Getting a sponsorship from businesses is the easiest way to meet your $200 fundraising goal for the team. Speaking on a business level with professionals is an invaluable skill, and every single business visit counts as outreach to our community.

Money towards your Fair Share

The money you might bring in from a business will go towards satisfying your Fair Share ($200). The longer you wait, however, the less of that money will go towards your Fair Share. Completing the business visit by the following months will count for the following percent of their donation:

August 31st:          150%
October 31st:        100%
November 30th:     75%
December 31st:      50%


What to do
  1. Find your business assignment in the Business Assignments spreadsheet (link coming SOON).
  2. Visit your assigned business IN PERSON.
    • Ask to speak with a manager about your robotics team.
    • Give the manager our Flyer.
    • Use the script that was discussed in our meetings to base your presentation on.
    • If you cannot visit a business by December 31 due to family emergency, viral plague, or Act of God Beyond Your Control, you MUST email Heather Frederick and provide a 2-3 paragraph apology and explanation. But seriously, let us know if you’re having trouble with this, and we’ll work with you!.
  3. Enter every business visit in the Business Visit form, which will send responses to the Business Assignments spreadsheet: 
  4. If the business is going to donate to the team enter a row for them in the Sponsorship spreadsheet. Make sure to include contact information (email and mailing address) and the date you contacted them.
  5. When the team gets a donation from your business do the following
    • Thank them! Write a personalized thank you note on team stationery within 2 weeks.
    • Turn the donation into a mentor (Heather Frederick).
    • Update the Sponsorship spreadsheet with the date the money was received and noting that the money was turned in.

Q:  My business wants to write us a check.  Who should they make it out to?
A:  Make all checks out to “RTHS Robotics”.

Q:  My business wants to mail their donation.  Where should they mail it?
A:  Mail donations to Research Triangle High School ROBOTICS, c/o Heather Frederick, PO Box 13453, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-0006.

Q:  My business says they need an invoice in order to send the money, where can I get one?
A:  Speak with a member of the Business Team about producing an invoice for their company.

Q:  My business asked if their donation is tax deductible / asked if we are a 501(c)3 organization?
A:  The answer is yes!  Donations made by your business to our team are tax deductible. Speak with a member of the Business Team if your business requires tax documentation.

Q: I spoke to a business I was not assigned and they want to donate to the team. How do I record that?
A:  Great job! Let a mentor know that they plan to donate.  Speak with a member of the Business Team and enter all information in both the Business Visit form and the Sponsorship spreadsheet.

We need to take special care to follow up with our donors to thank them for their generosity, and keeping track will help us do that right!


Upcoming Events

Off-Season Team Events

Every year the TerrorBytes participate in two Fall off-season events, THOR and Doyenne. This year we are doing both back-to-back at Overhills High School on 9/16 (THOR) and 9/17 (Doyenne). (Address: 2495 Ray Rd, Spring Lake, NC 28390)


  • EVERYONE: Fill out this form by MONDAY SEPTEMBER 4th to let us know your plans. Please fill this out even if you aren’t attending, so we know we aren’t missing anyone. This is the same form where you sign up for LUNCHES for BOTH EVENTS.
  • Have your parents sign the 2023-2024 TerrorBytes Permission Form
  • If needed, sign up for CARPOOL for THOR (Saturday) or Doyenne (Sunday)
  • Give Heather money for lunches by Tuesday, September 12; make checks payable to RTHS Robotics. Cost: THOR/Saturday: $15; Doyenne/Sunday: $13
  • Check the Documents, Forms and Attendance spreadsheet after September 12th to make sure you are OK for COMP!

THOR Competition @ Overhills High School – Saturday September 16, 2023

The Thundering Heard Of Robots (THOR) Competition will be a 1-day event that all members of the team can attend. Rookies can attend only if they are accompanied by their parent, and they will not be allowed in our pits. 

Doyenne Inspiration Competition @ Overhills High School – Sunday September 17, 2023

The Doyenne Inspiration event is a 1-day event that all members of the team can attend, but only female/non-binary members are allowed to be in pits or on drive team. Rookies can attend only if they are accompanied by their parent, and they will not be allowed in our pits. 

Mandatory Parent Meeting

After the rookie trial period concludes, we will have a mandatory parent meeting for all new parents, which will be held in the later part of September. In this meeting we will cover:

  • Fall Fundraising/Required Business Visits
  • Fall Events
  • Team Requirements for Event Participation
  • Winter/Spring Schedule
  • Parent Booster Club
  • Financial Information
  • Student Accommodations

FIRST Robotics Season Timeline

  • Kickoff (early January) – the team joins other teams around the area to learn about the new challenge for the season. Previous events have been held in Greensboro, Charlotte, and Durham.
  • Build Season (through mid-February) – during this time, the team is focused on building and programming the robot that will be used in the upcoming competition(s). Meetings are held 3 nights a week plus Saturdays. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed.
  • NC District competitions (mid-March) – At a minimum, we enter two NC District competitions, which is held in March across NC. Typically around 30 or so teams will attend these two-day competitions. The first day and a half is used for setup of the team’s pit area, practice with the robots, and qualifiers, where teams are randomly teamed up into alliances and pitted against other alliances. After this, the top qualifying teams create alliances for the finals that day by hand-picking from other teams present. Teams who place well at these competitions will be invited to compete at the District Championship.
  • NC District Championship (early April) –  District Championships is similar to the other competitions except that all qualifying teams will be in attendance (around 40 – 50 teams), and the competition will last for three days instead of two.  The alliance that wins the finals as well as the top ranked teams in the state are given the opportunity to participate in the World Championship.
  • World Championship (late April) – The top teams from regional competitions across the country convene in Houston, TX to compete for the #1 robotics team in the country.